Premier Services

  • Walkthrough all levels of the house, garage, and outbuildings
  • Check appliances and connection hoses
  • Water plants
  • Flush toilets
  • Run water in all sinks, tubs, and showers to keep traps from drying out
  • Check under all sinks for leaks
  • Run the garbage disposal
  • Check water line on refrigerator
  • Check temperature of refrigerator and freezer
  • Check locks on windows and doors
  • Check hot water heater for signs of leakage
  • Check the mailbox
  • Walk the property looking for newspapers and items left at the front door
  • Check inside and out for pest and insect infestation
  • Inspect gas fireplace
  • Check timers on lights
  • Manage the thermostat when seasons change

Custom Services

  • Start the car if you are away longer that 2 weeks
  • Grocery shopping
  • Manage contractors
  • Have a meal waiting when you return
  • Checking and feeding a cat
  • Checking and feeding fish
  • Run the dishwasher
  • Check the garage door
  • Storm and other weather; check home for debris, damage, and power
  • Forward mail when requested

Benefits of Service

  • Peace of mind while you are away
  • Fully insured
  • 100% satisfaction rate
  • Eyes watching for issues before the arise
  • Have a hot meal waiting for you when you arrive home
  • Be worry free when your home is unoccupied

What Some of Our Clients Say...

You know - leaving your pet home is a worry. Who will treat her like I do? Who can give her that daily pill? Who can I trust? Lois Edmunds fits the bill on all counts. Our cat Princess made friends with her on her initial visit. All the little house chores were taken care of: the mail in, the flowers watered and the cat was happy! Thanks Lois!!! I’m planning another trip and I’ll be calling you again! I was so happy with your service and felt confident the whole time I was away.


Cherry Hill, NJ

I was on a 3 week African Safari in August. During that time I hired Home Watch of South Jersey to do inspections of my home and water the flowers. Upon my return I found my home secure and my flowers had flourished! Lois was responsible, conscientious, and proactive in protecting my property in closing a small window I had left open. Most importantly, she is trustworthy. I would highly recommend Lois for her services.

C. Hartman

Haddonfield, NJ

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