Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Home Watch Service?

Prevent the unexpected! We worry of disasters occurring while spending time away from home; frozen pipes, flooding of a water heater, hose connections on toilets leaking (happened to me), power losses during storms, and even rodent and insect infestations. Unfortunately, anything can and WILL happen.

How is Home Watch of South Jersey different from a Security Company or Property Management Company?

When hiring Home Watch of South Jersey, we focus on home inspection of the interior and exterior of your residence when you are away. As Certified Home Watch Professionals, our inspection process is designed to find potential problems before they develop. We do not manage rental properties nor do we manage the security systems in the home.

How do I become a client?

Call for a free on site consultation. When visiting your home, we will complete a walk-thru and developing a plan that is right for you.

My neighbor usually watching my home for me… Why do I need a professional?

Home Watch of South Jersey is bonded, insured, and accredited through the National Home Watch Association. Just as important is the trust relationship we build together so that you will have a worry-free time away.

What are the costs and fees for your service?

During our first consultation, we develop a plan for your home watch needs. A quote is then provided based on our Premier Plan and length of time away. In addition, you will be able to choose additional Custom Services for added value to you and your home.

If there is a severe storm while I am away, do you complete a special inspections of my residence?

Yes! Based in Haddonfield, Home Watch of South Jersey is able to respond to all special needs. Pending on the time of year, Home Watch of South Jersey is always prepared in snow, wind, and torrential rains to take care of your home.

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